Thursday, June 30, 2011

{cupcake war}

I feel like I am in my own personal
"cupcake war."
My heart wants me to be a baker
of beautiful cupcakes.
Yet my brain always seems to 
this desire.

{read: I forget important ingredients while baking}

I might be way too ADD to bake.
Yet, I try, and try
and try again!

Here is my latest effort:
lemon raspberry cupcakes
{from scratch}

pretty cupcake liners are a must

two of my favorite flavors rolled into one cupcake

I was at least very happy with my fluffy lemon batter!
so far so good...or so I thought!

 True to form, I remembered AFTER baking them that I hadn't added the other half of the flour!  Doh!
I tasted one, though, and they seemed yummy enough, if not a little dense.
They looked pretty, which made me happy!
Oh cupcake, with only half the flour...
you were dense {like your creator}
but yet tasted rather good.

Um, at least according to my hubby.
Bless his baked-goods-loving

PS: {recipe can be found HERE} - don't forget the flour :D

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