Saturday, July 9, 2011

baby bump alert: taking his sweet time

Alright already...I am ready.
They say you are never fully ready for your first baby - but I assure you at 40 weeks a pregnant woman is ready.  All I do right now is walk around -- the mall, the neighborhood, the yard, anywhere.  We have tried all of the safe measures to "gently coax" baby along, but to no avail.  He, unlike me, is not ready quite yet.   He still moves around a lot.  His head is still in the down position.  
Baby is apparently going to take his {sweet time.} 

He may choose to be on time - coming July 12th, his "official" due date.
Or perhaps he will be fashionably late - a couple days after he is due. 
Or *gasp* he might be really late, a week or two, forcing us to induce his little baby butt out.
  * praying this is not the case...or an indication of his future punctuality *
This is definitely God's way of teaching me and Hubby patience, which I am sure we will need a lot of in the next 18+ years!
{These pictures are technically taken at 39 weeks, as you can tell by my prop above. But you get the idea.} 

weight gained: 35 pounds
dilated: 3 cm
cravings: Coke Icees...mixed with cherry 
tummy get in the way of: everything!
animal I feel like: hippopotamus

This is my final baby bump alert...
The next "baby post" will be introducing  'lil Baby C into the world!
Praying for a healthy baby
and safe, natural delivery!
We are ready for what God gives us.
{So very ready.}


  1. I told Mollie she was being evicted, she had 2 days to get out, 3 days later she was holding her ground.... Stubbornness runs in my genes I guess... Good luck to all three of you, I promise its all worth the wait

  2. you look absolutely beautiful pregnant! :] you are ready to pop haha i hope you have a safe delivery when your little one decides it's time!

  3. You look amazing! Best wishes for a safe delivery!

  4. Hope he makes it out soon! You're scaring me with this! I don't know how you can get through the day knowing it could happen any moment! I've got 6.5 weeks left to go!

    Wishing you a quick and happy delivery!

  5. That's so exciting! Cant wait to see pics of the little one when he decides to grace the world with his presence :)

  6. ooow, you are so beautiful. I love all of your preggo pics. :)

  7. Ooohhhh!!!! I just had to go look back at the pics from the hospital. What a terrifying, but yet, just as exciting and unforgetable day. Good luck!!!! :)

  8. You look absolutely adorable! By this time I was crying everyday for "this baby" to get out of me. LOL Now my baby is 11. :( Time sure does fly.

    Wishing the best of luck on your delivery Greta!! :)

  9. You have such a unique look. I love your pale skin, blue eyes, and reddish hair!
    - Ashley

  10. Aw, so much anticipation in those last days. Nothing beats getting to finally meet your little one for the first time. Praying everything goes well for you!!


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