Tuesday, July 12, 2011

favorite things: turquoise

My favorite color is, without any doubt, turquoise.  
It always has been.
I would love to have the all the rooms in my house painted various shades of turquoise.
Alas, turquoise is not exactly neutral.  In fact, it is gorgeously girlie!  
So I will stick to subtle accents.
For dear hubby's sake.
Turquoise tends to make anything look more amazing.
The following images were found
and only make me love the color more...

Source: weheartit.com via Tish on Pinterest

Source: google.co.uk via Becky on Pinterest

I could get away with lots of lovely turquoise in the nursery:
I simply had to promise Hubby that the next bedroom I designed for Baby Boy 
would be all sports...or trucks...or something extremely boyish!
Check out the entire nursery {HERE}. 
Also, in our outdoor space I have slowly been adding various 
turquoise accents, such as the market umbrella, throw pillows
and several DIY painted terra cotta planters:
Latest additions?
These ceramic citronella pots from Pier1:

Also, I finally found a use for this turquoise glass vase I found at a 
garage sale ages ago.  I just filled it with river rocks and 
added a bamboo stalk for a 
simple, zen centerpiece:

Do you adore turquoise, too?
I would love to know how you
infuse this color into your decor
whether subtly
or boldly!
{And if you have entire walls painted turquoise, then YES, 
I am very jealous.}


  1. Girl, your nursery is so cute...this is such an exciting time_being pregnant with your first. :)
    We lease a house that has turquoise painted on 1 wall in the master. At first I was like, umm, I don't know about this...but now I love it! I love the variety of how many other colors go with it so well.

  2. Hey sweets,

    Just so you know I'm thinking of you lots at the moment. I really hope everything goes swimmingly. Those first moments with a new baby are so precious.

    Big hugs to you,

  3. oh my goodness i love your style ... as i looked back at your previous post i stumbled upon your lil' guys room ... and i LOVED it ... great job! i look forward to following your blog!


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