Wednesday, August 10, 2011

month one: {survival mode}

We survived a month as new parents!
I'd like to say it has been a breeze...but no, it's been tough.  Here are a few of the many, many things that helped me through the first month:
swaddling blankets - A lot of double-swaddling goes on to get Baby Cormac to fall sleep!
comfy nursing chair - I spend a LOT of my time here either feeding, reading to baby,, and blogging!
lots of healthy food that can be consumed/prepared quickly and with one hand - if I didn't have this I would never get a chance to eat!  
baby swing - complete lifesaver.  We have the Snuggabunny which was a gift from Hubby's parents.  I highly recommend!  Let me just say that nothing gives a new parent more satisfaction than when they lay their infant in that swing after spending what seems like hours rocking them to sleep and having them continue to sleep blissfully.  Hubby and I have done plenty of silent celebrations and high fives after these successes!  :)
Milacon {gas relief} drops - Cormac developed acid reflux after 2 weeks...causing him a lot of pain and plenty of screaming at mama and daddy! These drops, as well as doc-prescribed Zantac, are helping our little family get through this bump-in-the-road
Hubby - without him I would have surely gone insane.  Thank you for working all day for us and still coming home every night! :o)
Here are Mac's 1-month-old photos
 Because I am cheap...and LOVE taking pics... I took them myself. :o)  
Just don't grow up too fast, Mac!

One month stats:
Weight: 10.3 lbs {50th percentile}
Height: 22.5 cm {75th percentile}
Head: 15.5 cm (50th percentile}

Here he was:

and here he is:

L O V E, 


  1. uhhhh PRECIOUS! And he loves his little tie onesie! so sweeet. maybe he'll need more as he grows. hmmm ideas.

  2. He really is a cute baby!! So sorry to hear about the reflux :( It is soo rough when baby isn't happy! I had to go off of all dairy with my first. Hang in there! Thankfully the wonderful moments with them most definitely cancel out all the tough ones :)

  3. He is beautiful! Your pictures are great. We (at the office where Paul works) love hearing about Cormic. And we really enjoy it when you post new pictures!!

  4. Oh, Greta! He is absolutely precious! Isn't it amazing how even in one month he's changed. :)

  5. Ha! Just heard the song you have on this post. ;) I just heard this in the car, and said, this is definitely one of my next post's song.

    What a cutie!

    Oh, and I've still got a tummy...and 5 pounds to go ;) I ran for exactly one week when he was 6 weeks old, and I got the Dr. gave the ok. Someday soon I'll start again.

  6. Love it :) Such a cute kiddo!

  7. Who needs professional photos when you can do such a great job with your camera. The gift that keeps on giving.
    He is so beautiful. Can't wait until I can hold that sweet baby again.

  8. One month old, I can't believe it. Mac is such a cutie, and I love the photo's. I know the first month is hard because it is all so new to you, but it will get easier.


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