Sunday, August 7, 2011

mama confessions: tummy time

No, not baby's tummy time...
I am talking about the "new mama tummy" 
that is left over on my abdomen now that I have birthed my darling baby boy.

CONFESSION: It does not matter how skinny you were, or how many ab muscles were visible before you got pregnant.  You will have a "baby belly" for a while after you give birth.  How long it sticks around might differ for each woman...but we all have it initially.  {Or if you somehow escaped this, just don't tell me!}

I knew about the "new mama tummy" up front, yet it still shocked me post-delivery how pronounced my postpartum gut was.  Literally, I looked like I was still 20 weeks along. Yes, I burst into tears various times looking down at my new tummy during the first week after Baby Cormac was born.  Even though hubby swears he loves me more now than ever, the vain part of me misses the abs I did millions of crunches to achieve.  
This is NOT my tummy...but I liked mine!

Though the belly has slowly been shrinking during the past three weeks, it is still there.  I am somewhat at peace with it now.  It is a gentle reminder of my wonderful pregnancy journey...the making of Mac.  It housed him and kept him safe.  It grew and grew as he did. But being honest...I'm not at peace with it enough to want it to stick around any longer than necessary.

I am SO excited to run again! 

Source: via Michelle on Pinterest

I am counting down the days until I hopefully get the doc's okay to resume running.  It was so much a part of me, and then about 3 months into my pregnancy I knew I had to stop, as just did not feel right.  

I love to run not just for the physical benefits but for the spiritual and mental perks as well!  So, in less than 3 weeks I will run again {and do many crunches!} and hopefully my "tummy's" time will soon be to speak.
Until the next pregnancy.  
Years from now.

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  1. Listen to your husband , you look beautiful. This is all part of the process.


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