Wednesday, August 3, 2011

{london broil and apple salad}

Since giving birth I haven't been much of a cook.  
{pizza, again?  yes, please!}

Side note: HUGE thank you to those who brought us meals to eat in the first couple weeks with after Baby arrived.  You are angels, and it was all delicious!

But now that I am used to only getting 5 hours of sporadic sleep each night, I figure it is time to slowly resume my passions.  One passion is preparing dinner for our family.  But since every moment of my day I am ruled by the Cormac Clock, it still has to be simple!   
{I love simple}

Hubby has been begging for a salad, so here is one I kind of made up:  
spring mix of lettuces
apple chunks
candied walnuts
goat cheese {of course!}
white wine vinegarette 
{I whisk together equal parts Italian white wine vinegar, EVOO, and add random favorite spices, such as basil and thyme}

Because I am a total cheapskate deal-finder when it comes to buying groceries {I have a strict budget!} when I want to make steak I usually forego the expensive strips or filets, and go with a London broil.  I highly recommend this, as you can get some nice thick cuts, with minimal fatty parts and no bone, for around 10 bucks. {downside: meat is a lil tougher than the more expensive cuts.}   Broil it, or, grill it, as I did.  I was able to get four good sized, thick servings out of this cut for only $9.50!

Okay, didn't really use the blackberries for anything in the meal.  Just have to eat something while cooking!
Heated this baguette in oven after basting with apricot butter:
Finally!  I can drink wine again! 
 This was a Layer Cake Malbec, Argentina 2007.  
'Twas a tad too I won't recommend.
Dinner is served...

That was fun...and exhausting!
Had to stop twice while preparing to breastfeed!
Tonight will be 75 cent chicken pot pies.
I'm not even kidding.

What are you making for dinner tonight?


  1. Your meal sounded real good. I had never thought about a london broil for grilling. I'll have to try it. Thanks for the idea.
    Since it is so hot here, and trying to not heat up the kitchen, I'm going to make taco's. Last night we had sandwiched. It's even to hot to bbq out on the grill right now. So tonight will be taco's with all the goodies to go with it.

  2. Music in the park we are picnicing. :) Ham sandwhiches and couscous salad for Jeremy and I....and breastmilk for Mack. ;)

    You get used to that much sleep, don't you? I don't even remember sleeping through a whole night.....


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