Tuesday, September 6, 2011

{bibs are for babies}

There are certain fashions that should never be revived.
While perusing Target the other day, I had to stop dead in my tracks.  
On a rack in the junior section {don't judge me for still sometimes shopping the junior section} was a display of...overalls!
Bibs, if you will.
Ah, bibs. 
 I remember you well from my high school days.  It was 1996.  I was a sophomore.  I had several pair.  Long bibs.  Even worse: Bib overall shorts.  Like these...which, no surprise, are on clearance...
We all did it.  Wore little baby tees underneath.  Kind of like this girl below.  This outfit is so sad I had to  "black out" her eyes.  Hopefully this makes her unrecognizable.  Hey -- in my her defense this was a Sadie Hawkins dance with a "country" theme.  Wow...not flattering at all.
Sadly, I have no excuse for wearing them in the picture below.  None.  
{I also have no excuse for that hair color or those bangs.  Eek!}

Why would this style come back?  
Haven't we all learned?
I know I did!
  I guess the high school girls now will have to learn for themselves... and blog 15 years later about how hideous they were.


My apologies to anyone who still wears overalls.
Unless you work on a farm.
Or are a painter.
Then it's okay.


  1. I was at an auction the other week and I am not kidding you, there were about 15 old men in overalls! I was laughing so hard!

  2. bahahahahahahahahahaha! No freaking way!? ahahah sickening. Bibs=never gonna make a come back!

  3. MN State Fair. Another place to see lots of em. ;)

    Yep. I am guilty as well. I'm sure I could dig up some scary pics. I think I had the same bangs! ;)

  4. Oh my gosh! I used to LOVE my bibs! Thought they were the coolest thing ever...and if ya put a sweatshirt on..they looked just like jeans! Oh how dorky we were..or maybe just me! Great post...died of laughter and thanks for the pics!


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