Thursday, September 8, 2011

{fairytale...sort of}

Today we've been married four years.
When I first met Hubby the first thing I noticed was his smile -- a wide, confident grin with dimples.  Oh, and that amazing superhero chin.
The second thing I noticed was his shirt, which boasted the words:  "I'm Easy"

My brain told me: "Run away!"  My heart said:  "Hmmm...there is something about this guy. I don't want to like it...but I like it!"

We fell in love pretty quickly.

I can honestly say I never loved anyone else.  Never pictured marrying anyone else.  Never met anyone else that I wanted to have a family with.

He was, as they say, the one.

But sometimes, even when you meet the one, it takes longer than expected to end up married. I never thought it would take six years. We went through various breakups, several years living in different states, and lots of things we had to work through.  Our "fairytale" was not, despite the shirt, easy.
But it was worth it.

Dear Hubby - Thank you for these four years of marriage...and the six before that we spent journeying towards it.  May we continue to laugh together, pray together, adventure together, and grow our family together.  Love,  your Wifey


Some of my favorite photos of us together:

One of our first dates. 
{taste of minnesota} 
Already doing the annoying kissing poses!  Yes!
{I love that we are both totally okay with p.d.a)
Even at age 20, it was love!  
Even early in our relationship, I learned many important skills from doing a beer bong:
Wait - that didn't work out so well.
 {my first and last attempt at the beer bong}
We have had so many fun nights out that I can remember...
...and others that are a leeeeetle fuzzy:
...and some that I'll never forget - ever!

I love that this pic is mostly chin...
...but I guess we have quite a bit of "chin" between the two of us, wouldn't you say?

I have never met anyone I could feel so comfortable with -- truly my best friend:
I know we'll always laugh together...
and accidentally coordinate our outfits:
I'm glad to have started a family with you...which began with our dog... being blessed with this little man:
 And lets not forget, four years ago today,
the best day ever...
Here's to many more chapters in the fairytale -- 

L * O * V * E


  1. Congratulations you are an adorable couple.

  2. Happy Anniversary! :-) I guess that makes it 10 years total, huh?!

  3. Happy Anniversary!! I Love you both.

  4. Beautiful post!! And now I know what to call Paul's distinctive chin, a superhero chin is a great way to put it!! You two make a lovely couple.

  5. You both are so cute together.
    Happy Anniversary!!

  6. you guys are so amazing! love yous!!!


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