Sunday, October 23, 2011

mama confessions: the nursing strike {oh, and 3 month pics!}

My baby decided to go on a "nursing strike."
I'm serious.
I can't make stuff like this up.

Maybe he is teething.  Maybe he got too used to the bottle during the two weeks I went back to work.  Maybe I am 'letting down' too slowly.  
Whatever it is, starting Friday at 2pm each time I tried to feed him he screamed at my breast with every bit of energy he had!  
Not sure if you've ever had your boob screamed at, 
but it's not pleasant.

So like any normal person I went straight to Google to find the answers to all my problems.   I found out that there are many babies who will, out of the blue, refuse to nurse.  This can last several days.  One mother's advice included: "Whatever you not give your baby a bottle during the nursing strike."  Eeek! I thought in panic.  I can't starve the poor kid!  

Thankfully my hubby's resolve is stronger than mine when it comes to crying babies. 
I was ready to throw in the breastfeeding towel... 
 or "hooter-hider," as the case may be. 
With Hubby's help, we tried every hour or so to get the boy to eat, endured a ton of screaming, and ended up putting him to sleep without his usual bedtime feeding.

Fortunately, at 4am, the strike ended.

Here are his three month pics!
He now weighs 16 lbs.
Clearly he is getting fed.

Recent milestones:
* rolling from front to back
*grabbing his foot
*laughing big belly laughs

Dear Baby,
You are getting SO BIG!
I adore you.
But no more nursing strikes.
Love you to the moon
and back,


  1. Glad you made it through! How frustrating!!!

  2. He sure is a handsome little guy!! Both of my boys went on nursing strikes on more than one occasion. Teething, growth spurt, just an off day...trying to show Mommy who's in charge...who knows!! Everyone always told me 'he won't starve himself'...and I guess that's true :)

  3. We are all hearing about and reading about the strike. It is great that you have each other to lean on when these things happen.

    He is growing so fast!!! And he is SO CUTE!!!! We are all so excited about watching him grow up.


  4. So precious g! No man has ever turned my breasts away.(bad joke) Lol miss you dolly!


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