Wednesday, October 26, 2011

{to market, to market}

In my sheer obliviousness, 
I assumed that it would be easy to tote my baby around town.  I had beautiful daydreams while pregnant of throwing the baby in the carseat, where he would sleep blissfully or gaze happily out the windows until we reached our destination: Target, a coffee shop, the mall, the library....
Because all babies love car rides, right?
It calms them and puts them to sleep, riiiiiiiight????
Not all babies.
Not this guy.
{he also hated slings and despises the jogging stroller...harumph}

As soon as I am out of eyesight the whimpering begins.  Which turns into crying.  Which turns into wailing.  Sure, if it is a long trip he will eventually tire out and fall asleep, but I don't drive long distances during the week.  Therefore a short jaunt across town can be a nightmare.   The other day I drove him to a park for a walk, and by the time we got there I was so frazzled I wanted to turn right back around.  Fresh air be damned.

But we are working on it.  I discovered the first thing to do is sure he has a very full belly right before we leave.  Then I change his diaper immediately upon reaching our destination so he doesn't use that old excuse.   Finally, I strap him in the Baby Bjorn, make sure he has his sun hat on {sun in the eyes is another cry factor} and off we go!

Yesterday we gallivanted to our local downtown urban marketplace and using this system had a fine time.  Pleasant, even!  There was still a little fussing in the car on the way home, but after only a couple minutes he fell asleep...because I timed it so we would get home right at nap time.  Bam.

So it was naptime for Baby, and time for Mama to enjoy the fruits {and wine and meat} of her labor...

...grill cut pork chops... 
{tomorrow I'll share a fantastic marinade!}

...huge and juicy red seedless grapes...

 ...and a bottle of pinot I will tell you about next week!

So here's to sleeping babies, thick cuts of meat, juicy fruit and wine...
and non-frazzled trips to the market!


  1. I do know the occasional feeling of "Let's just stay home, and not go anywhere." Yum. Those grapes look so juicy and crisp.

  2. He is so chubby and cute! You will be running errands in no time with ease when he gets on a schedule. You can then just learn to do it between makes life easier!

  3. I know JUST how you feel. Our twins woud never sleep in their buggies - only in their cots. Grrr!!!

    It sounds to me as though you're doing a FAB job!!

    He's a cutie!



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