Monday, February 6, 2012

14 days of loves: day 5 {Falsies}

Now, I won't normally blog about makeup. Mainly because I am a cheapskate and the only makeup I will buy must be found at a drugstore.  Everyone likes to spend their extra money on different things...and for me, that is travel, wine and food.  Beauty products take a waaaay backseat in my life.  I have never even entered Sephora, M.A.C., or shopped at a department store makeup counter.  I color my own hair.  I wax/pluck my own eyebrows.  I can count the number of mani/pedis I get per year on one hand finger. I will leave the hard-core beauty blogging to those who really know.

However, my blog friend Christi over at Between 3 Sisters recommended Maybelline Falsies mascara in this post.  I was intrigued {Christi's makeup always looks amazing!} so when I was at my local Walgreens I picked up a tube of Falsies.  My verdict:  LOVE.  Of course.  That is why I am posting it as Love #5. :)  Plus, I paid only 7.99!

I really did get great volume on my meager lashes.  The "spoon brush" is something I've never seen before, and seemed to really coat the lashes without getting clumpy.  I tested it Friday night before going out to a girlfriend's birthday celebration.  I used three coats.  Not sure what is normal/correct???
my eyes not really that blue.  fun with saturation!
Now, can anyone recommend a good self-tanner???  
I am paaaaale.


  1. Hmmm....I am the same way with make-up. One of my new years resolutions should be to get more than 2 haircuts a year. ;)

    I have never tried a different mascara. I use Loreal Voluminous. I've used it my forever. Cuz that is what my mom uses. Maybe I should give a new kind a try?

    P.S. (I have a date night this Friday.) Keep your fingers crossed that no one gets sick between now and then.

  2. I might just have to try this one out!! I'm always after the perfect mascara!!


  3. looks great! {& looked great friday, too!} ;) i like how the lashes look separated... i might try this. mine always seem to clump together.

    fair skin fits you! nevertheless, i also understand the love for some color -- and have become kind of a faux-tan connoisseur. what's your preference? i could give you some suggestions! spray, mousse, lotion...?

  4. I recently bought this mascara too! LOVE. Your lashes look great:)


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