Tuesday, February 7, 2012

he sits! he crawls! {well, almost.}

 The day has finally arrived.  
Sweet baby boy can sit by himself.  Without the Boppy pillow behind him.  Without Mama or Dada behind him, to catch him just in case.
As long as there is something in front of him to stick in his mouth, 
all is good.  
Congrats, my love!

Oh, and he is this close to crawling...

Soon, very soon!  
And no, your eyes didst not deceive you. That is a bra in the background of many of these pictures. 
This is real life, people. 
Wanna catch up on the grueling {not really} dets of my pregnancy with the precious face above?
Go to www.dearcormac.tumblr.com !


  1. Mac better come teach Mack about this crawling business. ;) Hahahaha.

    You got some good smiles in there!

  2. I LOVED it that yu had that bra in the photos - I hadn't even noticed until you said....but sure enough!! There it is!!

    A big congratulations to lovely Cormac - what a gorgeous boy!


  3. Hahaha, these are such cute pictures! The bra is awesome, sounds exactly like something I would do.

  4. New from Casey's page. He is adorable!!! Those eyes suck you right in.

  5. Yay for sitting and (almost) crawling!! So fun...and busy for momma ;) I'm enjoying all your recent posts and lacking enough time to comment on them! I think I'm going to try some of your recipes :)
    Hope your weekend is wonderful!!


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