Friday, February 10, 2012

14 days of loves: day 7 {wine lover's healthy weight loss plan}

While roaming through the cookbook section of Half Price Books the other day I came across this little gem: The Wine Lover's Healthy Weight Loss Plan.  
I was intrigued. A diet consisting of wine!  Lose weight while drinking lots and lots of wine!  Okay, not really.

Written by a cardiologist and wine lover, the book gives a lot of background on the history of wine in the human diet, the amazing health benefits {only when in moderation...which is one glass at dinner for women, two for men} and the French Paradox -- basically extensive research done in regions where there is a high percentage of the population drinking wine in moderation their entire lives.  Oddly, or maybe not oddly, this research shows that moderate wine drinkers live longer than non-drinkers.  Some vino-for-thought, eh?

I drink a glass of red every night at dinner.  Not only is it heart-healthy due to the antioxidants, but since I view it as my "treat" I tend to not feel like I need to eat any dessert.  Calorie saver!  100 instead of 400 - woo hoo!  :)

The book gives a compelling argument for enjoying a glass with dinner each night.  Also, after giving you a lot of really interesting information on why wine can enhance your life in many ways and help you live longer, it then has a whole slew of delicious, healthy recipes that are based on a Mediterranean diet - supposedly the healthiest way to eat.  In sum, instead of striving for a low-fat diet, rather choose foods that contain "healthy fats," lots of fruits and veggies, fish {rich in omega-3's,} whole grains, and only cooking with olive or canola oil.

Oh, and red wine.  Of course.

I strongly desire to introduce my children to very, very watered down wine when they are the right age.  I want them to grow up knowing the health benefits, and that wine should be a regular part of the dinner table.

It's okay if you think that sounds crazy.  I don't mind.  Neither do all the Europeans that do it.  The practice is probably not any crazier than a person letting their kiddo eat mac n cheese every night, or cereal for dinner, just because they don't like what you cooked.  Also, wine {again, in moderation!} has more health benefits than soda.  Yet many parents don't mind letting their kids chug that down like it's water.   Just sayin'.  To each his own when it comes to nutrition, values and parenting strategies.  :)

Especially to wine-drinkers, I recommend this book.  But even if you aren't, it is enlightening.  I loved the subject, the writing style, and can't wait to try the recipes!



  1. about dark beer? ;) Is there a health benefit to that? I used to LOVE wine, but now all I crave is dark beer. My doc said that is a normal craving when nursing, so maybe my taste for wine will return one day.

  2. You're a girl after my own heart:) I am going to have to check it out!

    P.S. I am enjoying your playlist while making dinner...and drinking wine;)

    xoxo Krista

  3. My mum was told to drink a can of Guinness a day when she was pregnant with my youngest brother! The Guinness Diet!!

    But are you seriously dieting? You look completely gorgeous in all your photos...



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