Sunday, January 6, 2013

preggo vlogs #5 and #6

Another two installments of preggo vlogs - weeks 13 and 17 (I don't do them every week...just when I think of it!)

This is the 'one where I growl like a bear' - week 13 when I talk about gender {ignore what I say though...we are NOT finding out the gender ahead of time!!!} and also get sidetracked by my sweet son and various animal noises....

And week 17, the 'one where I look like my mom, and it freaks me out' and I talk about all the lovely things you should enjoy while pregnant.  Or not pregnant.  :)

Ultrasound tomorrow!

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  1. Glad you are feeling good now! So exciting that you have your ultrasound tomorrow!!!!! Don't cave. You can make it through without finding out....But MAKE SURE to tell the ultrasound well as your nurse / doc, that you do NOT want to find out the sex. Just in case. :)


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