Monday, January 7, 2013

{20 week bumpdate}

Wow.  We are officially halfway!  Twenty weeks.
Can't even believe it.   {Here was last pregnancy's 20 week post.} No fancy photo shoot this month.  Just me, Cormac, and the self-timer, in the master bedroom, which I didn't even bother to clean.

Rants {the crappy stuff}:
Sleeping. Is. Hard.  Well, only if I happen to wake up in the middle of the night.  Then it is impossible to get back to sleep.  Literally, it will take hours to fall back to sleep.  I have slept on the couch various times just because I am such a light sleeper and any little shift of position or snore {or just heavy breathing} from my Hubby will wake me back up.  And I am really, really crabby if I get woken up in the middle of the night.
I have to pee a lot.  Well, not a lot in volume, but in frequency.  I can make it through the night without getting up, but I am sure that will change soon.
That's it -- hard to complain in the glorious second tri!  I'll take any symptom over nausea, so this is heaven.
Raves {the happy stuff}: 
Feeling really, really fit and strong this pregnancy!  I love my M-F gym workouts, which haven't really gotten less intense.   Still doing pilates once a week, and this week even enjoyed an extra weekend yoga class.  {Ow, I am sore.} Now that I am eating slightly healthier {no food aversions and can cook in a functioning, non-chaotic kitchen}I feel this crazy sense of power.  Like the pregnancy is no longer controlling me, but I am in control of it.  I like being in control.  A lot. :D

Another bonus - when random people (always women) come up to me in random public places and tell me, "You look SO cute!!!!"  They don't say specifically, but this never happens when I am not pregnant, so I guess it is the bump. :)

The ultrasound!  

I'm halfway there!  I wish I could say the time is least I am halfway!!!!  Hurrah!

cardi,leggings,belt -f21//tank-lizlange/target
Weight gain: 11 pounds.  No new weight gain, which I am pretty proud of considering we just went through the holiday season of constant noshing.  I might have eaten 100 snickerdoodles on Christmas.
Nausea:  None - hurrah! 
Skin: Um, not great.  I'm pretty sure any 'glow' I ever have this pregnancy will be the result of bronzer.  Plus, experiencing chest and back breakouts - ick!  
Boobs:  Not as sore anymore.  Probably should go up to a 36, but I am too cheap to buy new bras.
Cravings:  Salads - specifically with strawberries, mandarin oranges, pecans, and blue cheese.  So I bought the goods to make one tonight.  But nothing I absolutely need to eat immediately.
Aversions:  None.  Nothing sounds bad.
Exercise: Same as last month - not much running happening, but been consistent with my 5 days/week at the gym doing cardio, squats/lunges, and free weights.  Also still loving the pilates/yoga class.  
Dreams: No new baby dreams.  Last night I dreamt I made out with Joel Mchale from The Soup.  He was an awful kisser - lots of drool.  Maybe the drooling was baby-related????
Clothing:  All maternity pants.  No new ones, though, as I am too cheap to buy any.  (Sense a theme here?) After I put on a pair of what I thought were "transitional jeans" (my normal size but cut looser/wider) and I ripped a huge hole in the crotch, I decided I better stop kidding myself.  The maternity pants still look ridiculous on me, all saggy and droopy so I have to constantly pull them up!  The bump needs to get seriously bigger for this look to work.  Oh, and my two pair of black leggings are getting a workout as well.  So comfy!  All tops must be maternity at this point - or at least one size bigger and of the billowy sort.
Heartbeat: 143
Baby movement: Yes!  Lots!  Started feeling them right before Christmas, in week 17.  Actually first felt them the night I spent vomiting due to a 24-hour stomach virus.  (I kept thinking, Poor little baby in there!)  Now I feel a lot more attached to baby.  Feeling him/her move around, especially when I feel it from the outside makes me very conscious of the life, the human, someone other than myself, inside me.  Coolest thing ever.
Gender speculation: My guess is now, very staunchly, boy!!!   When I felt really crappy during my first tri it was easy to blame it on it being a girl, since the pregnancy was so much different.  Now that I feel awesome, like I did with Cormac, I again feel this must be a another baby boy to add to the brood.  Although my blog poll to the right, as well as the old wives' tales all point to 'girl!'  Have you voted yet???!!!!
Baby names: Both boy and girl first names chosen a while ago - as in practically during last pregnancy.  The girl name is actually NOT the name I had picked out since I was twelve, although i still love that name.  The 'new' girl name I love just as much, is more uncommon, and goes better with our last name.  Here is this months hint:   neither name begins with a vowel.  I know - really helpful.  Again, we will do the same middle name whether a boy or a girl.  It is decidedly more of a "boy" name than a "girl" name, but is cute with both first names.
Hubby feels: More out of "out of the loop" this time around. I guess this pregnancy I don't read out of the week-by-week books each Sunday night like I did when Cormac was in my belly.   Now that I'm not nauseous I don't complain to him as much about being pregnant.  Plus, he hasn't felt the baby move yet.  It hasn't really become real yet, I don't think.
Bump progress:



  1. Can I guess the middle name? Lou? ;) Just a guess. No idea.

    You look great! Glad to hear you are working out. I am counting down the days until I can work out again. :) Much more motivated this time around.

    I changed my vote to boy, and revoted....but since I already voted girl, I think they will cancel themselves out. Hehehe. Whoopsie!

  2. Well, you look fantastic!! I am so impressed you are working out. That's so awesome!!

  3. You look amazing! Love the updates and so excited for you! I can't wait to hear your names!


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