Sunday, July 14, 2013

sweet somethings : 2nd birthday party!

The "construction truck" party turned out great!
The weather was absolutely gorgeous.  We had it at a local park, so the kiddos/parents could venture to play at the splash park or playground.  I managed not to go overboard on the decorations, and even enlisted help with the food (both of these are great feats for me!)

We had about fifteen guests {some of hubby's fam and friends with little ones} plus our little family of four.  It was perfect!
Here are some photos from the day....

hubby's sister and me
Rocks and trucks was the theme for the day!

 This plastic bin full of rocks and trucks and scoops was a big hit with the littles!

me and hubby - prom pose
the boys - playing in the "rock quarry"
hide and seek?
watermelon eatin'
eating cake with nana
finola in her party dress, with mimi - I love this picture.

Cormac had a blast - and promptly fell asleep in the car on the way home.
Thank you to those that helped celebrate -  
your kindness is great
 and we appreciate you being in Cormac's life. :D


  1. Aww looks like such a fun party! Happy 2nd birthday to cormac!

  2. Ahhhh....happy birthday, Cormac! 2 is so much better than 1. Love, Mack. ;)

    Looks like fun was had by all! (And boy does "Nana" look young!!!!)

  3. I really find it hard to believe that you are celebrating a second birthday and already have another baby. You are a rock star!!! Looks like a great party!

  4. aww so sweet! love the theme and you look fantastic mama!


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