Friday, September 20, 2013

finola - 4 months!

Dear Baby Fin,
I feel like you changed so much this month!  All of a sudden you are sitting all the time - well, not by yourself, but propped up, or held in a sitting position, or in the Bumbo or the Jumperoo.  And then there is the flipping.  While you started rolling last month, this month you started doing it in your crib.  Which results in a lot of screaming, because you hate being on your back and cannot yet roll back onto your tummy.  Well, actually, you have done that twice...but it doesn't seem like you can remember how when you are in your crib and having a baby panic attack.

You started laughing and smiling completely unprompted this month.

You continue to just be a sweet and easy baby.

Let's keep that going, little lady.

Your personality:  As I said, super sweet and happy - as always.  Very go-with-the-flow.  I've seen a little determination in you, too...particularly when you are trying to roll to your tummy, or trying to get a toy that is just out of reach. You are calm and observant and giggle quietly about the most random things.
Your relationship with your big brother:  You adore him.  He makes you laugh so much without even trying to.  I just point you in his direction and you find anything he is doing to be hilarious.  I keep nervously watching for some sort of hint of resentment he might harbor towards you...but so far, despite wanting me to set you down a lot to do stuff for him, he seems to accept you and love you lots.  He gives you unprompted hugs and kisses, asks where you are any time you are not in sight.  He sings you "Baa Baa Black Sheep" or the ABCs whenever he thinks you are upset.  At night he says, "Good night Finola - I wuv you, Finola." 
two peas in a pod - er, a crib.
You love to eat:  whenever you get up from sleeping, for the most part...and sometimes I'll nurse you briefly to sleep.  If I had to time it I would say you eat every four hours.  Still haven't given you many bottles, but when we do now you'll drink twice as much as you used to.  Growing girl!  
You sleep:    still awesomely well...but you still haven't slept through the night!   Sigh. But this past week you have only been waking up once for a feeding! *knock on wood*  Let's keep this going, girl!  You get up for the day around 7am.  You take two long naps - a two hours in the morning and two hours in the afternoon.   If one of those naps is short, we take a third nap in the late afternoon...but that rarely happens.  This makes mama happy!  You go to bed anywhere between 6 and 7pm if you don't take that third nap, but never later than eight.  Mama can't handle any 'night owl' stayin' up late business.   Now if we can just get you to sleep completely through then night...

You love wearing:  PJ's.  You are my sleepy thing.  Although we have also been doing a lot of baby tunics and leggings for our outings.  Oh, and you have even rocked your jeggings once.  We are so excited for fall and baby sweaters!  Still you wear 3-6 month clothing or 6 month.  It's all fitting you a bit snugger, though.  Soon we will need 9 month duds.
I love my jegs!
We call you:   Finola, Baby Fin, DIN-o-la (Cormac), Sister, Girl, Sweet Love, Darling, etc, etc.
You love:  Toys!  I can now prop you up and keep you interested in a number of baby toys.  You try to push buttons and grab whatever you can.  Still not all that controlled, though.   Your jumperoo.  We have said bye-bye to the swing and graduated to this well as the 'johnny jumper.'  Ahhh! I feel like this means you are growing too fast!  
dolly and fin (thanks nana!)
Mama feels:  Still really tired, but, as I said, I am resigning myself to it.  I keep thinking, This could be my last baby!!! *sob!*  I need to enjoy all of this before it is gone!  So I am jealously holding onto the breastfeeding, the baby smiles and cuddles, the drooly kisses, the playing airplane, the soft downy hair that still curls on the top of your head, and all other lovely baby things that I may not get to experience as a mama again.  *tears!*

hasn't quite gotten the hang of the bumbo yet
she's got short legs - like mama!

"Are you serious?"
 Your health/measurements:  
Weight: 16 lbs (!!!) Height: 24 inches  Head: 41.5cm
16 pounds??? wha? weigh me again! 
You did really well at your 4 month check - barely a peep!  Even during shots.  You cried out for about 5 seconds after the second one, but that's it.  Another cold with an icky stuffy nose and congestion, which lasted about two weeks.  I do love rubbing baby rub on your tiny chest, though!  You also had a couple bouts of teething - which for you means a TON of drool, slight fever, chewing on your hands and fingers, and not wanting to fall asleep.
"I will get this in my mouth!"
This Months' Memories:
  • Your first roadtrip to Minnesota!  We had such a blast.  You got so much quality time with your Gram and Gramp.  They held you every opportunity possible.  You even got to meet your Uncles Josh and Spence and your Auntie Jen, who all gave you lots and lots of snuggles, too.  Oh, and let's not forget your cousins Ethan and Ella.  What a lucky girl!  I think they all adored you.  Oh, and you did AWESOME on both 12-hour car rides.  A couple cry-fests on the way home, but overall I can't complain about you, Angel.
hanging out on gramma and grampa's window seat 
    loving the fresh farm air!
  • You rolled from back to front!  At 3 1/2 months. Okay, I've only seen you do it twice...but it looked purposeful, so I'm counting it.
bunny staredown

  • Your first real laughs.  You have a wheezy little giggle that I adore.  Cormac is best at getting you to laugh...he doesn't even have to try.  But you love when I sing you Rock-a-Bye Baby (my special way!) or make you fly through the air like a bumblebee.
My sweet girl...I am forever grateful for you.  I thank God for you every night, that he entrusted me with your little self.  I pray I can be a good 'girl mama.'  I pray to raise a strong and confident young woman.  I pray you are as beautiful inside as you are outside.  I pray for God to use you for His will, and that you grow to know Him, love Him, trust in Him always.

Mama + Dada


  1. I don't think I am following you on IG. I must : )

    I love that pic of the two of them holding hands. so precious. happy weekend!

  2. Those windows!!!! LOVE. Wow, what a beautiful view!

    Maggie slept through the night for the first time last night since those few times a long, long time ago. I feel marvelous. I am not gonna lie. ;) Soon we will be sleeping all night....and then we'll get pregnant again. ;) HAHAH. jk.

  3. Honestly, these pictures make me ache with want for another baby. STOP that! What amazing, blue eyes. She is perfect!


  4. She's absolutely gorgeous and these posts will be such a nice reminder of what baby time was like when Fin is older and running around and time has gone by so fast and she's in college.


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