Monday, September 23, 2013

once they start talking...

Once your toddler starts talking life is never the same.  For two years Cormac barely said ten words total.  Everything was a guessing game.  Did he understand?  Is he hungry?  Where did it hurt?

Then they start talking and once they do...there is absolutely no shutting them up.  (Or maybe that is just my kid???)  He talks and talks whether or not anyone is listening or not.   He asks a million questions.  Anytime he doesn't know a word he asks, "What's that (insert whatever word you said that he doesn't know)?"  It is both awesome and annoying all at once.
I just want info!  I'm a future mr. know-it-all!
Here are some other things we are hearing lately...

"Get me some French fries, peeas!!" {while ordering at a drivethru window}

"What a mess!" {whenever we walk into his room, which always looks like a toy explosion.}

"Dada at work.  He works with a jackhammer!" {no, he doesn't.}

"That milk comes out of that boob!" and "That boob is empty!" {while I am feeding Finola.}

"Hullooooo!" {whenever he walks into a room}

"Talk to me!  Talk to me!"  {whenever I am trying to converse with Hubby.}

"Finola is crabby.  Just like mama."  {hmmm...}

"I'm hungry!" {when he is hungry.}

"What is that?"  Me: "What?"  "That."  {while pointing at nothing.}

"What are we making?"  (whenever I say, "It's time to eat!"}

"I make mama happy with kisses and hugs!" {when I am 'crabby'}

But of all the funny, irritating, sweet, repetitive, unknowingly insightful, and crazy things he says,
this one is my favorite:

"Good night, Mama.  I wuv you, Mama!"  {every night...and at nap time}

Once they start talking...
they never stop.

Thank goodness.


  1. awww that's awesome!! I love it.
    My favorite of C's is "what's that mean?" cracks me up everytime.

  2. Hahahaha. That is hilarious. ;) Especially love the jackhammer comment. Hehehe. Funny.

    I crack up every day over something Mack says. ;) Everything lately is poop. Chocolate on the ground is poop. If Maggie is putting something in her mouth, it is poop....Hmmm.....Maybe a sign he is ready for potty training now. ;)


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