Friday, October 18, 2013

finola - 5 months!

 Dear Fin,
Five months have flown by, and, just like with your brother, it just gets more and more fun.  I like that you are more talkative, with new sounds every day...particularly shrieks and squeals.  I love your activeness -- you jump like crazy, swing your arms around, and try your darndest to move, move, move during tummy time.  Mostly you just end up "swimming" but that's okay - builds the core!  I love your sweet smile...and your ears!  Where, oh where did you get those lovely ears that stick out?  We have no idea, but it is one of my favorite things about you.  Your Grumpa Ron would say, "Keeps you humble." I say they are fantastic.  :)

Sweet.  Expressive.  Determined.  Observant.  
The jumperoo.  The Bjorn.  Cormac.  Dada.  Sleeping.  Lights on appliances - especially the refrigerator.  Smiling at yourself in the mirror.  Tony Chestnut.  Itsy Bitsy Spider.  Grabbing the pages of books and trying to turn them.  Water bottles.  Colbie.  
Being forced to sit on my lap and read a book.  She seems to like books - grabbing at the pictures, trying to turn the pages and flip the flaps...but not being forced to sit and listen to me read them.  This makes her book-nerd mama very sad!  You also dislike being awake when you would rather be napping/sleeping.  One night, halfway thru story time, you just decided you were done and started screaming until I put you in your crib...where you immediately fell asleep.

You still take a two hour morning nap and a two hour afternoon nap - which is awesome!  Your bedtime is between 6 and 7pm, and you wake up for a feeding once or twice a night.  Awakens for the day between 6 and 7am.  Still haven't slept through the night, but I'm okay with it.  I just want to enjoy this stage, since you might be my last little babe.  This is such a short period in the grand scheme of things.

Still mostly breastfeeding, with one bottle of formula before bedtime, oatmeal added.  I have been pumping while Hubby feeds you the bottle to keep my supply up, but my goal is to make it to six months and then see if I want to continue or go to formula.  Happy I've been able to at least make it this far (twice as long as with Cormac!)

Sibling relations:
He is your favorite.  He is the best at calming you (he sings so much now!) and making you laugh.  He loves to grab your cheeks and "bop" you -- which thankfully he does gently.  He comes up and gives you kisses and bear hugs, and one morning we couldn't locate him and he had climbed into your crib with you!  He now says, "I like to ent-tain my sister!" Sometimes you just stare expectantly at him while he ignores you.  Like in this photo:
I love the smiles and looks of adoration you give your big bro!
Mama's feelings:
I am feeling pretty decent, despite the renovation chaos in our home at the moment.  This month has been interesting, as I have really noticed my body changing back to "normal."  I now have to shave my legs every day again *tear*.  My hair has been falling out all over the place - no more thick pregnancy mane!  I'm technically back to my "pre-baby weight."  Now I am working on toning up!

in your efforts to learn to crawl you faceplant a lot - and knock things over, like that jamba juice cup.

Below: Your mama (six months) and You (five months) little doppelganger!

This Month's Memories:
* First trip to the pumpkin patch! Uh, and this photo pretty much sums up the experience for you...
first time in baby tights!  
 *First 'solid' foods.  You still are not sure about this.  We have given you oatmeal and green beans, neither of which you seem to enjoy.  Mostly you spit them out, and spend the time trying to grab the spoon and feed yourself.  We shall keep practicing, though!

* First overnight alone with grandparents!  Your dada and I went for an overnight date in Chicago, so you spent one night and the better part of two days with your Mimi and Arcey.  Overall it went pretty well, and I am very excited for you to get to know your grandparents more! :)
staring into mimi's eyes
* First time in the gym and church playrooms!  I have no pics of this, but the feedback has been: "She is very talkative!"  and "She looks just like her mama!"  and "She is a happy baby!"  However, we only do about 30 minutes max at the gym...for now!

*First attempts to crawl!  You have started to get up on all fours and rock back and forth vigorously, which is what your brother did when he was learning.  You seem very determined to have forward mobility.  However, you don't roll around at all.  You only like to roll onto your tummy, because you hate being on your back.

*You weigh a solid 16.6 lbs!  Not much gain since last month.  Of course, I weighed you after your once-a-week maybe it is more?
*Wearing all 6 month or 6-9 month clothing.

Look how you have grown!  
I love you more and more, little girl.  I now realize I could never have imagined our family without you.  You are essential to our 'pack.' 

Love, Mama + Dada


  1. Oh, sniff sniff. Our girls are growing up so fast! It does get more fun, that is for sure. Especially when they start sleeping through the night. Good job on the nursing!!!! :)

  2. clearly I am behind in my reading!!! ha!

    love her gorgeous grin in those pictures and how she looks up to her big brother. adorable!


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