Wednesday, October 16, 2013

the renovation : chaos and a doorway

Our home is chaos, and has been for the past four weeks.

Even as I type there is some sort of very loud power-tool whirring in the hallway upstairs.  If my babies remain asleep it will be a miracle.

All the renovation chaos/mess has had me quite creatively sapped.  Having dust everywhere from contractors boring holes through three layers of brick, cutting through both drywall and concrete walls, and 150 years worth of yuckiness from the attic/ceiling dropping down into the all the upstairs bedrooms frankly has this blogger feeling a little beaten down and feeling like I am in survival mode.
They tell you kitchen renovations are the worst, but I will contend after having gone through both (a kitchen reno twice) that having the ductwork completely redone for your HVAC system is a million times worse.  Particularly when you are living in the house and stay at home all day with two little ones.    Basically every room has been invaded at least twenty times.   They have been on the roof pounding, in the attic, in the basement.  No room is safe from this project - from noise or dust.

The baby has had to nap in three different rooms to avoid noise and contractors walking through her room (it is a pass-thru at the moment) and the toddler has had a lot of noise going on right outside his bedroom door during most nap times.

I have a permanent twitch from this issue alone, and I am vigilant about protecting the kids schedule/naps.

We have also been without a washer and dryer for about a month since our former laundry room has been a work zone -- we had to unhook and rewire/reroute electric and plumbing (which is still not done.)  Therefore, we have been doing laundry at the laundromat or at other people's houses.  Kinda inconvenient, but thankful for those folks that helped us out.

A month of this - I am surprised I am still (somewhat) sane.  My psyche does not do well with lack of privacy, lack of peace, and overall lack of control.

But one exciting thing has come out of this...the 'dream home' which was once two separate units is now, officially, one home!

Here is me, not even trying to hide my excitement about this doorway...

Hoping your lives are all peaceful and dust-free!

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  1. ugh, I'm sorry. that sounds so hard esp with a baby in the mix. I can't see the video.


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