Wednesday, January 1, 2014

{a resolution and a challenge}

I love lists and I love goals.

Every January, like many, I have a list of resolutions.  Of my list of ten (!!!) last year I accomplished many (gave birth completely drug-free, drank more water, baked more, hosted a baby shower) and several I was not as successful (stopped attending yoga/pilates at around 28 weeks while pregnant, and still haven't run a half marathon.)
This year I am going to keep it simple.  One resolution : be more present.  Specifically - be less plugged in.  No, I am going to be blogging less.  But I have noticed recently how habitual it has become, for me and for seemingly everyone I know, to be on my 'smart' phone and being connected to that world.  Lately I have been feeling like because of the easy access to the internet realm I am less involved in what is going on right in front of me.  Same with people I am hanging out with - everyone in my life - friends, family, Hubby - seems to be glued to the screen.

Recently I was watching our wedding dvd and because it rained various times and the ceremony location got moved thrice and delayed a lot, there was a lot of wait time for our guests.  As our videographer (er, my uncle who was randomly handed a camera) panned across the crowd I felt like something was odd.  Then it dawned on me - not one person was hunched over their phone.  They were people-watching (as in "real" people, not Facebook) or conversing with friends or relatives.  That was in 2007. If our wedding was held today that would not be the case.  I would wager at least 75% of our wedding guests would be on their phones surfing the internet or texting or emailing or Instagramming.

Anyone out there disagree with that?

Please don't misunderstand.  I am not complaining about technology.  I love it, clearly.  But I also feel distracted and sometimes depressed by it.  Also, I honestly think it is rude to be constantly on your phone when you could be spending quality time with someone right in front of you.  Just sayin'.  I am guilty of it - not just with my phone but even sometimes with my camera.  I'll be so eager to capture moments on 'film' and then scrolling through them that I miss the moments that are happening in the meantime.

So I resolve to change this about myself - and perhaps gently encourage the same change in those around me.  Shouldn't we use the time we have with people to really be with them?   What conversations are we missing?  What beauty is passing us by because our eyes are glued to a tiny screen?   At least think about it.

Besides the resolution to be more present, less plugged in - a challenge.  Since I love exercise and being healthy in general I figured a fitness goal is appropriate.   This will have nothing to do with exercise or weight-loss, but rather I'd like to change my diet in some way.  I am not sure what specifically will be most helpful to me.  I've given up junk food for Lent before.  I've gone months without caffeine and years without red meat.  These all yielded great results, but, besides weight loss, I can't remember how else I benefitted specifically.   So when I ran across this graphic on Pinterest I was intrigued...
I like the idea of eliminating something each month and seeing/feeling how it affects everything in my life.  I think being able to exert self-control is important.  I don't like feeling like I am bound by any one thing.  I believe what you put in your body can have a major effect on all aspects of your well-being - mental and physical - so I am curious and excited to see how cutting out each of these things will affect and benefit me.

Plus, I am forcing encouraging Hubby to do it, too!   Extra fun!  :)

So - January challenge - no sweets!  Starting today I am living in the world of black coffee, no desserts, and clearly no candy.  Since I don't drink a lot of pop anyway I am cutting that out, too.

Anyone else want to take the challenge, too?  
I will be blogging weekly updates about the experience, and would love to hear how it goes for anyone else, as well!

Happy New Year, friends!


  1. Happy New Year!!! I hear ya. I think that happens to all of us with the technology out there. I'm guilty!

  2. I'm in. January no sweets. Starting right after this coffee. If one of these were no caffeine, I would not do it. Been there, done that. I have 2 kiddos, no thank you. ;)

    Good luck!!!!

  3. love it! I agree 100%.. I often feel exactly that feeling of being there but not being in the moment. Awesome goals I am wishing you all the luck in completing them!! Is wine a dessert??? I hope not... lol


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