Monday, March 10, 2014

no-dairy challenge check-in #1!

I have to say that not eating dairy has definitely been TOUGH.
I miss cheese - a lot.
I never realized how much cheese I ate.  (Okay, yes I did.  So good!)
And the butter.  Oh, the butter!  I am a butter lover.  Gimme butter on anything.  Drool.

However I survived a week dairy-free without much to-do.

I started drinking and cooking with almond milk...which tastes better than regular milk in my opinion.

I made my smoothies without my typical Greek yogurt, and by adding more frozen banana they still taste good.

I avoided all the cheese sitting in my fridge, even though it beckoned to me daily.

I even ordered a veggie pizza with vegan cheese while out with girlfriends -- and it was surprisingly DELISH!

My one cheat: after my long {slightly hung-over, I'm-an-idiot, nearly-empty-stomach, seven-mile} run on Sunday Hubby and I went to Chipotle and I got my usual burrito, since I felt like I was dying of starvation {probably was}...which includes sour cream and cheese.  I didn't even think about it.  Even as I was inhaling this gigantic burrito I didn't realize my 'oops.'  Hubby didn't notice either, and he usually calls me out when I cheat on the challenge.  That night I realized and gave my forehead a good smack.  

But other than that - no dairy.

I maybe have lost a pound or two, but because I am half-marathon training and have amped up my daily workouts I am not sure which is having more of an effect - my dietary changes or the running/extra workouts.  

Hubby did remark that my face looks "thinner" and I am looking "really good" so I guess he is noticing something???  He is not super observant about changes in my appearance so I think this says something!  :)

I have had a cold the past few days so I can't say I "feel" better since starting this challenge, but maybe I'll notice this week?

All-in-all, I am loving this month's challenge!

Anyone else dairy-free out there who can share their experience???  Or completely vegan?  I would love to know some more creative substitutes and advice on where to shop for the best dairy-free options.

Happy Monday!


  1. Okay. I can't live without dairy. The end. And I am jealous of your half marathon training.... SO JEALOUS. I can't run anymore, too o weak of bones, too many stress fractures. Pity party for me ;(


    This is a great Vegan recipe blog. :) I've made some of them. Congrats on the no dairy! And sounds like you had a fun date night (slightly hungover). ;)

    I've stuck with my reading every day. And I've realized how much I've missed it. :)

  3. I already know I'd fail this challenge on day one, so you've got props from me!!


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