Wednesday, March 19, 2014

the renovation : guest bath progress

There is nothing like an upcoming visit from your sister (or any guest) to motivate you to make progress on your home renovation.   I absolutely love when I am hosting something at the house - a visit or any type of get-together - because it means something on the house will get prioritized and we will see some progress!

(Or I will actually really clean...and having a freshly cleaned + organized home is also an awesome feeling.)

My sister visited the past five days.  (Another post on that to come!) It was awesome to spend time with her and her 7-month-old daughter!  She lives in Montana so we don't get to see each other often, but when we do, despite each having at least two babes, we always get in some good quality time!

Anyway, we finally got the guest bathroom together.  Not really "decorated" or "finished" per se, but usable.  Baby steps, people!  :)

Here are a couple before and after photos...
Renovation checklist:

  • new hardwood flooring
  • new vanity
  • refinished clawfoot tub
  • installed bamboo shade
  • fixed wall due to water damage
  • new light fixture above vanity
  • painted walls in Valspar 'Notre Dame' 

 Here is a peek of the current guest bedroom -- also not yet fully finished accessorizing/making it personal, but it is beginning to become a room I love. (You can see the door to the guest bath on the right.)
A LOT more has happened in our 'dream home' since I last posted, so I will try to share more in the coming month about that!

Hope everyone is having a great week!


  1. Nice job on all the progress! I can't even remember what house projects are like! Do you enjoy baths in the claw foot tub???

  2. Love it - it's looking so great. I love the new wall color, as well.


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