Thursday, September 4, 2014

my school kid

Yesterday was Cormac's first day of school.
Well, not officially...but I was told in no uncertain terms that it was obligatory for me to post about the experience.  Welcome Day.  Basically he went for about forty-five minutes to meet his teacher, classmates, and check out his classroom for the first time.

I have, of course, been hyping this event for a he seemed mentally prepared.

A bonus was Finola having a doctor's appointment so Hubby took her to that while I got an hour of one-on-one time with Cormac before taking him to Welcome Day.

During that time, as we ran an errand, strolled around a store and looked at toys, and waited in line for a coffee for mama, I couldn't help but flash back to when it was just me and him.

So, so easy.

I liked being able to focus on him and really "hear" what he was saying,
rather than having him repeat the same thing at least eight times
while I chase Finola around and try to pay attention to both of them.

We really, really need to start scheduling weekly mama-son dates.
But I digress.

Anyway, we had some sweet mama/son time
and then it was off to school.

We were greeted at the door by one of the teacher's assistants
and headed to the classroom.
Even though there are only about sixteen kids in his class the room was mass chaos due to all the parents and siblings crammed in.  Cormac's teacher warmly invited him to join "circle time" and he tentatively took a place on the carpet.  First, they sang a song designed to calm them down and get them focused.  I observed Cormac watching his teacher with serious eyes and rapt attention, mouthing the words as he learned them and doing the 'actions' as well.  

(For some reason this made tears well up in my eyes.  Yikes.  I mean, wasn't it just yesterday I was announcing his birth, and now he's in school?  WHAT????)

Then she read them a book.  During this I took the scene in and noticed just how different every kid was acting.  One girl clung to her mama and didn't want anything to do with the circle, while another child had planted himself directly in the middle of it, smiling an irresistible grin,  I imagine completely proud of himself for bucking the system.  Some looked bored, some stressed, some happy and attentive.  And Cormac?  Very serious, not cracking a smile, but participating in the songs, answering questions and watching his teacher, as I said, completely enraptured.

Then the tables were explained to them, where they would eat their snack and work on art projects. They were given a coloring sheet to work on, then they moved through the different "stations" - a kitchen area, a dress-up area, a math area, reading area, etc.  

Then it was back to circle time for another song and to say goodbye.

The assistants handed out "parent survival kits" - basically tissues and chocolate.  Nice.  I accepted them gladly.

Kiddos were given a tote back with the school logo on it, to decorate however they choose.  No backpacks yet for these little ones!  

Then we were sent on our way.  

Phew!  Now just to survive the "goodbye" on the first day.

Apparently I am not allowed to come in the building to say goodbye to of the teachers will meet us at the door and they all go up to the room together.

I am dreading this moment.  I know I will cry.  

I will try to wait and do it in the car.

No promises, though.

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  1. Your post made me get tears in my eyes. He is SO cute and the superman T-shirt! Man, can't they stay little boys forever! Good luck with the first day. I have cried a little each year. Axel told me this year that I couldn't kiss him outside of the car. This is why he was happy that Dad got to drive him. Sigh....


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