Tuesday, September 2, 2014

stitch fix : fall edition

My second Stitch Fix arrived last week!

{I receive nothing from Stitch Fix for blogging about my experience...I just love writing about it and sharing with you what I get!  :)  However, if you want to try it...use me as your referral by clicking on this link and getting started.  If you do decide to try I get a $25 Stitch Fix credit whenever you receive your first shipment of lovely clothes! I would adore you for this! Plus, if you refer others you will get the same awesome incentive! :D}

If any or all of the following apply to you, you should try Stitch Fix:

- you love fashion
- you want to try new trends but have no idea what to buy/where to start
- you are a mama with no time to shop
-you like surprises
- you thoroughly love getting stuff in the mail...especially clothes!
- you feel more comfortable trying things on in your own home with your own accessories
- you can't afford a "real" stylist...but think you might like one.

These are all reasons I like it, and...
it is really fun!
Plus, you have control over it all (yay for control freaks!)
You decide when you want it to arrive.
You tell your stylist everything about you, what you like, 
what you want to typically spend on an item, 
and what types of pieces you want to see in your fix.
You put whatever you don't want in the shipping bag they give you and drop it in a USPS mailbox.
Simple.  Stress-free. Fun. Totally non-committal.

Click HERE to check it out and schedule your fix!

This time around I requested my stylist send mostly tops --
no dresses (where would I wear them???  I have way too many dresses!)
and pants basically are impossible to get right on my short curvy frame.

And she complied - all tops!

This Fix's photo shoot called for a messy bun -- basically how I've been wearing my hair all summer (besides side pony and fedora.)  Oh, and there was no way I was going outside in these fall clothes -- we are at 90 degrees and sauna-like conditions every day lately here in KY.

Item #1: Mauna Mixed Print Sheer Open Cardigan by Papermoon

I loved this kimono top instantly.  The tags were ripped off and I have already worn it twice.  I had been searching online and my usual haunts or something like this, but never found one I really, really liked.  This print is really fun, yet not too crazy.  The cut is exactly what I was looking for.  I didn't want one that was too long, and I like that this could be worn dressy or casual.  Definite keeper!

Item #2 Ivy Abstract Print Tab-Sleeve Blouse (by 41Hawthorn)
Okay, I would probably have kept this shirt if I worked in an office.  I really liked it for a professional yet fun piece.  The price was really reasonable, it was silky and comfortable with a very fun/eye-catching print.  I liked that I could wear the sleeves pinned up or down and loose.  But it is not my idea of a "going out" shirt, and definitely doesn't fit with my SAHM occupation (I don't think stains would come out of the satiny material well!) so this one is going back.

Item #3 - Durango Twisted Seams Striped Knit Shirt (by Kensie)
Um...a big fat "no" on this t-shirt.  (Can you tell from my facial expressions?) It was super boring.  There was nothing really that I liked about it.  Not a flattering fit for me, nothing unique about it - just boring.
That is all I will say.  

Item #4 - Huebert Space Dye Open Cardigan (by Renee C)
Alright, so the huge style that everyone is wearing now and every body type can pull off is the long cardigan with skinny jeans and tall boots.  I mean everybody can rock this look.  I really do like this cardigan, the heather gray color will go with ANYTHING,  and it is really drapey and cute.  
Buuuuuut...I may have recently looked at my fall wardrobe and realized I already own a lot of cardigans.  As in way too many.  I may seriously have a problem.  So while I think this is cute, for the price I cannot really add it to my already crazy collection.
I highly recommend it for anyone else in need of a cardigan like this, though!!!!

Item #5 - Malcolm Slub Knit Dolman Sleeve Shirt (by Renee C)
Ahhh....I adore this shirt.  I specifically requested something "off-the-shoulder and sexy" and my stylist delivered (no pun intended!)  I love that I can make this top really casual with jeans or wear it with these black faux leather pants and some sassy heels, adding some edginess for a night look.  
I love that it is dark yet slightly sheer.  And as I mentioned last month, I really like the dolman-sleeve shirts that are trendy these days -- so even though I passed on the one in my last fix, this baby is definitely a keeper!

+ + + + + + + + + 

So, from this fix I got two fabulous tops, that are on trend and make sense with the stuff I've been pinning on my clothing Pinterest board (you stylist makes choices for you based on your fashion board on Pinterest if you share with them the link in your Style Profile!  Do it -- definitely helps!)

That's it for this Fix! 
I'm saving my next one for the holiday season...
I can't wait!

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+ + + + + + + + + 

Hope everyone had an awesome Labor Day weekend.
We had a crazy Sunday -
our first kiddo ER visit 
with Fin getting seven stitches in her thumb.
Everything should heal fine and she basically was acting her normal silly self as soon as we were home from the hospital, but...
pretty stressful!
Definitely hugging my kiddos a little tighter 
than usual since then.


  1. Wow, I love that slub knit Dolman sleeve top on you! Super cute! Awesome leather pants as well!


  2. Hahaha. You look cute (of course) in all of them (love the bun+bangs). But you know what my favorite was? ;) The boring gray shirt. Of course. My style is blah and boring. It just is. I admit to it, and accept it. It is what I feel the best in. Hahaha. I was like, Oh! Cute! And then I read your comments and laughed. That is why style is so fun. Cuz everyone is so different. I really like the kimono as well. :) (I want bangs bad.....my stylist told me she would cut them in the fall, but I would need to have them grown out by summer, or I'd hate her forever...with my curly hair.) Sigh. I guess I will just pin the hairdos I like...... ;)

  3. I have another friend who RAVES about this. My only problem is that I think I would fail to return anything..... My favorite is the off the shoulder. I really liked the blue one you returned, and think you should reconsider ;)

  4. Cute pieces! I like them all, but the kimono top is my favorite and I can see why the gray one was a little blah. Found your blog through A Whimsicle Life! :)

  5. Do you have a link to purchase the kimono top? I've searched but no luck. Thank you!


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