Friday, June 26, 2015

stitch fix : a summer fix!

You know the best way to cure blah/rainy/crappy day blues?
Receive a shipment from Stitch Fix!

Yep, it was one of those kinda days, and then I got my Fix and it all of a sudden everything was lovely.   My kids were with me and they adore rifling through the five items and seeing how excited I get - and of, course, they have their opinions about it all.   What is Stitch Fix?  Well, I receive, on occasion, a box with five clothing items or accessories from the really fun personal styling service called Stitch Fix.  You get to schedule when you'd like a shipment sent (could be next week, or months from now) you decide what you like and what you don't, then you send whatever you don't love back in the provided envelope.  Incredibly convenient...and so fun!

This was my 7th Fix, and my second one styled by Hillary (who, if you'll remember, I loved how she "got" my style last time - read about that fix HERE!) 

She, again, sent me some really great items that were flattering and, for the most part, in touch with my personal style.

#1 Lissane Keyhole Halter Top (by Renee C) 
#2 Ruxin Distressed Boyfriend Jean (by Mavi)
someone call Yard Crashers...please...desperate.
I have been longing for the perfect cute and eye-catching halter tank in my last couple fixes.  Hillary got it right with this sweet, summery bandana print.  I love the keyhole front, and the fact that when you actually fasten the button in the back (which I almost didn't do) absolutely no side boob shows. Hurray!!!  Nothing ruins a perfectly good shirt for me than annoying visible side boob, whether it be bra or actual boob.  Definite KEEP.

Now, the jeans.  I love the jeans.  They have just the right amount of fading, distressing, and bleach spots to make me really happy.  Plus, they are really soft!  I did a wide cuff, which I prefer in the summer months, but I think they could also look unrolled with some ankle boots come fall.  They are not exactly what I envision when I think "boyfriend jeans."  Aren't they supposed to be super baggy/ill-fitting?  These hug my curves so either I need to update my size profile to a bigger size, or BF jeans have morphed since they became trendy into a more girlish fit.  Doesn't matter, 'cause KEPT!
#3 Corby Knit Tee (by Market and Spruce)
olive jogging pants from a previous comfy!
I had seen this 'merci' tee in another blogger's Stitch Fix post so I pinned something similar -- and - voila!  - my stylist sent me one.  I was psyched!  I love this trend, shirts with words, particularly something very simple.  The shirt is a soft, thin, sweater-like material and is a little longer in the back.  Hubby thought it looked great, and I was kind of on the fence.  Definitely goes with my style and the rest of my wardrobe...but the fit wasn't my favorite.  I am on the fence about this one -  should I KEEP or RETURN????

 #4 Scribe Ruffle Front Blouse (by Skies are Blue)
This tank is simply not my style.  The color is perfect, I love teal and was hoping for something bold; however, the style, the ruffles in particular, is not me at all.  I don't love ruffles unless they are on my 2-year-old daughter's bathing suit.  Besides the ruffle, it was also kind of boxy.  RETURN.

#5 Jazz Embroidery Detail Blouse (by 19 Cooper)
I personally had a lot fun with this tank, channeling my inner glamour girl.  I am really digging the black on black on black trend, and I went a little nuts with the accessories because I was picturing wearing this on a fun night out.  I feel so much sassier in pants than a dress or skirt, so I thought this could fit my "going out" wardrobe fine.  Hubby doesn't love it, but I sort of do.  What shall I do - KEEP or RETURN???

Have you tried Stitch Fix yet?  If you have been inspired at all by this post to give it a try, click HERE to check it out and get started on your personal style profile. If you use this referral link I will receive a $25 credit towards a future Fix...and if you refer friends, you will, too!  It is kind of amazing.

Happy Friday, friends!


  1. ABSOLUTELY keep that black tank! It will be fantastic for evenings or like you said, anything where feel like feeling a little glam! That halter is without a doubt my favorite piece this round for you!

  2. Great Fix! What did you decide to keep. :)

  3. I love the bandana top. I received a similar top that I love. What type of bra do you wear with this?

  4. I love your bandana top. I received a similar style in a great red paisley pattern. What type of bra do you wear with this?

    1. Hi Sofia! I actually don't wear a bra with it, as there is no "side boob" that shows and the busy dark pattern hides any nipping out that might happen. If I was going to church in this top, however, I'd either wear a strapless, or use one of my bra hooks to hide the straps of a normal bra by hooking them together in the back. Hope this helps! :D


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