Saturday, February 11, 2012

14 days of loves: day 9 {our gray dining room}

Once upon a time, we painted our dining room bright green.
I wrote about it here.

For two and a half years we have enjoyed our vivid dining space...
however, we are soon to list our house for sale
and I had my doubts as to whether any potential buyers would see the beauty in the hue.
In fact, pretty sure it would 
scare most buyers away.
{you need vision people!  it's only paint!}

Anyway, so we painted it.
Um, correction:  Hubby painted it.
{he is an awesome painter!!! we I don't even have to tape anymore!}

Went with Woodlawn Colonial Gray {Valspar}
a color we love so much now we plan
to use it in our new home.
(And by "new" I mean 150 years old.)

Here is the finished product:

Gorgeous gray, right?

I'm also having fun getting packing up all kinds of other things that might deter buyers...such as personal photographs, certain artwork, and raggedy paperback books.  
Oh, and developing an attack plan for hiding all baby items 
whenever we have a showing.

Keeps a mama busy!
As if the crawling kiddo didn't already.
Wanna see him crawl the first time?  Click HERE to see me nearly pee with excitement over this milestone.

Anyone else have a room painted gray that they absolutely love?


  1. Ug. Painting. Hate painting. ;) Good thing your hubby likes to do it.

    Hahaha. I can't believe lil Cormac is crawlin!!! Congrats lil guy! And watch out parents of a mobile baby!

  2. The first time I saw pictures of your house I fell in love with the vivid green and am now incorporating something like it in my condo!

    The new color looks great and your beautiful design/decorating looks fabulous in ANY COLOR!

    1. It is a great neutral color -- you will love! Just make sure to paint in on several walls to see how it looks in all lighting. Thanks for all your sweet comments!!! They make my day!


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